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Angkor Wat sunrise
Angkor Wat might not be one of the seven wonders of the world, but that is only because the people that made the list didn't travel much. » more

Title: Siem Reap
Posted @ November 17, 10:43


Killing Fields
A visit in Phnom Penh is interesting - but the Killing Fields and S-21 can't possibly leave anyone untouched... » more

Title: Phnom Penh
Posted @ November 12, 7:11


I visit Nha Trang, which is the beach paradise of Vietnam, go to Saigon and feel cultural, and then off to the Mekong delta... » more

Title: Southern Vietnam
Posted @ November 1, 7:01


Citadel temple
Visiting temples and tombs, not much else you can do around here.... except making clothes that is. » more

Title: Central Vietnam
Posted @ October 24, 14:01


Djonk sailing around
Vietnam is a beautiful country with lovely people, but some are annoying, and the traffic is terrible... » more

Title: Northern Vietnam
Posted @ October 14, 8:16


Lao adventures part two
The journey in Laos continues with adventurous busrides and traveling down rivers... » more

Title: Lao adventures, part 2
Posted @ October 8, 12:55


Lao adventures part one
We go from Thailand to Luang Prabang in Laos, but run into problems right away... hard ones.
» more

Title: Lao adventures, part 1
Posted @ October 1, 15:14


Chiang Mai Trekking
Three days of trekking in the jungle south of Chiang Mai » more

Title: Jungle Trekking, Chiang Mai
Posted @ September 26, 18:30


Relaxing on Koh Samet
Relaxing on Koh Samet » more

Title: Koh Samet
Posted @ September 22, 7:27


Rooftops in Bangkok
Bangkok is big. Really big. And Khao San Road is a weird place. » more

Title: One night in Bangkok


The time has arrived...
Finally, my last day in Sweden has arrived - tonight the adventure begins! » more

Title: Ready, set, go!
Posted @ September 17, 11:04