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September 22, 2003 : One night in Bangkok

Rooftops in Bangkok

I've arrived in Bangkok after a long flight, and the feelings are overwhelming. This is a really huge city, with lots and lots of people and cars everywhere.
Perhaps I should start from the beginning...


I flew from Gothenburg to London on Thursday. Sat beside a swedish woman that was flying there to visit her daughter. Spoke to her the whole time, so the time really flew *giggles*
In London, I sat down to catch a break, since there were so many people in line waiting to get their boarding pass, and started talking to a guy from Japan. He had lived four years in Wales, and now he had returned for another year after saving money for a year at home. Although he had lived in UK for four years, I really think my english was better than his... perhaps I'm not the best person to judge that though :)

Since the line for the boarding pass were still very long, I went there and started waiting. I got an older gentleman from England beside me, that was heading for Australia to get married. The woman he was going to marry was a younger woman, a really brilliant lawyer, so after a while he excused himself that he rarely got a chance to say something around her, so he tried to talk as much as possible before he got there... :)
I didn't mind though, he was an old sailor and had a lot of amusing stories to tell, so the hour I spent waiting to get my boardingpass didn't feel very long.

Since the waiting had been so long, I could board my plane right away. I did so, and found out that I had to sit in the left row, the middle seat. Great.
After a while an older english lady with huge glasses arrive, she sat in the isle-seat. At last an australian guy excused himself to get to his seat by the window.
This was going to be an 11 hour long flight, and I barely said a word on the whole time. The australian guy fell asleep even before the plane had left the ground, and didn't wake up until we landed in Bangkok. The english woman seemed just about as interested in speaking to me as I was in her, so the only time we said something to each other was when I had to pass by her to get to the bathroom... It was a very long flight I can tell you. Especially since I couldn't sleep at all, I just slumbered a bit from time to time. I couldn't even watch the movies, because the noise from the engines (I sat "on" the left wing) made it completly impossible to hear the dialogue in the worthless headphones you got from Quantas. Luckily I had my minidisc with me and some good music, so I survived, although it was very very boring.


Finally I landed in Bangkok, 15.30 local time. Got a tourist visa and had a chat with a german backpacker while I was waiting for my luggage, a bit worried that they had lost it at Heathrow somewhere.
When it showed up, I went outside to find a bus, but first I tried to get a young couple to share a cab with me. Didn't work very well, but after a while we realised we all came from Sweden, so we could at least speak swedish with each other on the bustrip to Khao San Road... :)

For a long while we traveled down a highway with three lanes, so the traffic wasn't really an issue, but when we turned off the highway I understood why people usually describes it as total chaos. Most of the cars here are fairly new and very few have buckles. This is probarbly due to the fact that the traffic moves so extremly slow, but you really have to be impressed by the drivers skills. They always manage to find holes in the traffic that leaves them no more than a centimeter on each side of the car, but that's the way it works here...

After an hour and a half, we finally arrived at our destination, Khao San Road in Bangkok. This must be one of the most bizarre places in the world, and I bet a lot of thai people see it as a free zoo, where they can walk around and look at all the strange tourists coming here. Because this is the place where every traveler that is going to Asia begins their journey. So much people, and almost every single one is white, or at least japanese... not thai anyway.

Anyway... I went to the hostel where I hoped Frank was staying, but he was not living there. So I went to an internetcafe and checked my mail, and I had recieved one from him where he told me where he had spent the last night. I got the guy working at the internetcafe to make me a map, and headed for the Bella bella guesthouse. Unfortunatly he wasn't around, and he had checked out according to them. They didn't have any free rooms though, so I walked back a bit and got myself a room at the Merry V guesthouse, which set me back 120 baht (which is about 3 us dollars - cheap).
Since I was really sweaty by this time, I tried to find a shower. After a while I realised I had to ask someone, and one of the guests told me that you shower where the toilets are. This made me a bit surprised, because what we are talking about here is a room that is like 1.5-2 square metres with a toilet without a seat in it. The room is so small that you almost have to stand in the toilet to be able to open the door, which gives you pretty much the same problem when you are showering. Not fresh at all. The shower felt quite nice though, and after I was done, I lay down on my bed to calm down. Worked fine, so after a while I went out to phone my parents. Costed 150 baht for about 10 minutes, but the phonelines where really bad. At least my mother could calm down a bit when she had heard from me I guess...

I spent some more time on an internetcafe, and got a mail from Frank where he told me where I could find him and Anders the next day. By now it was raining heavily, so I couldn't go out to get food (all I had eaten that day was the really bad breakfast and the airplane), so I had to settle with a piece of bread and a banana. It did taste really good though :)

Spent the rest of the evening in the lobby (if you can call it that), drinking Singha beer (which is a really good Thai beer), writing down my experiences from the day, and then I went to bed at around 1 am.

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Hi Martin!
I hope you are fine. Have you find your "friends" yet?
Did Erik make you sick? It was really bad that you were there at that moment. =) I can tell you that its cold here.
This morning when I took my cykel to work it was +2 *brrrrr*

Have a nice time, and I´ll see you next year!!


Posted by: Kajsa @ 10:16, September 24, 2003

Hi there sweetie :)

Oh, I am feeling just great! I will hopefully have time to write about my last days on Kho Samet tomorrow, where we (yes, I found my fellow travelers the next day) spent four days bathing in the ocean and drinking beer under the palm trees... it was about 28 degrees in the water, so it wasn't really painful ;) Sounds a lot better than just +2, I have to say that much...

Fortunatly I didn't get sick from Erik, would not have been fun flying for 11 hours with such a high fever! I was a bit afraid of getting ill as well, so I stayed away from him as much as I could... :)

Anyway, I have to get going, I'm heading for the northern parts of Thailand to do some jungletrekking... I don't think I will have much luck in finding internetcafes out in the jungle, so I will be uncontactable for a while
Thanks for stopping by and have a really good time at home in the cold! ;)


See you!

Posted by: Martin @ 10:41, September 24, 2003

Hey Martin,

Nice post! Nice to get updated on your fabulous journey! Not that I care! And I'm still not envious! ;)

Today's quotation: "and almost every single one is white, or at least japanese". Hahaha...



Posted by: Daniel Solin @ 11:39, September 24, 2003


Good to hear that everyting is okay. Take it easy with the beer and have a smoke for me :)
Keep the site updated!

Posted by: Fredrik Steen @ 14:42, September 24, 2003

Eftersom jag tycker det känns fånigt att "snacka" engelska med dig blir det fr.o.m. nu svenska istället. Att nya utländska bekantskaper inte fattar ngt spelar väl kvitta då jag vanligtvis inte har mycket vettigt att komma med ändå. ;)

Merry V var på min tid ett ganska juste ställe, inte minst då det var mycket lugnare där än på Khao San Raod lite längre bort. Knallar man norrut (?) mot biblioteket finner man vid ett gathörn den bästa Kao Paten i Bankok. Klassiskt frukostställe!

I GBG har det faktiskt varit 16-17 plusgrader på mornarna den senaste tiden fast det är tydligen slut med det nu så snart får la man dra på sig långbrallorna igen.

Gällande trekkingen så antar jag att du utgår från Chiang Mai där det även finns en jungel av trekkingturer. Vissa är bättre än andra men det är svårt att avgöra på kontoret. Har du "tur" hamnar du på en liknande tur som jag med en trött guide som bara var intresserad av att röka opium. Ingår det bamburafting kan du hoppas på att regnet vräker ner natten innan för då går det utav bara ¤#%#¤ nerför floden!

Nu drar elitserien igång igen. FBK tippas etta före de stolta mästarna. Får väl se hur det blir med den saken...

Ha det gött och hälsa Rot och hans familj från mig.


Posted by: Baresi @ 15:49, September 24, 2003

You missed something. P3 Live is broadcasting Front 242. :)

Posted by: Jörgen @ 21:26, September 24, 2003


I just wished I had brought some kind of really small and light laptop or something, so I could type my diary on that, and then just move it over to the internetcafe computers on a floppy... It's really boring to first type everything on paper on busrides or when I get some spare time, and then re-type everything (and translate it, since my paperbased diary is in Swedish =) when I get to a computer...

Well, I guess that sentence wasn't very good ;)
What I meant was that almost every single person on Khao San is a tourist, so tha amount of thaipeople there is very small...

By the way, you really have no reason to be envious, this is hardly any better than working... *cough*

See ya :)

Posted by: Martin @ 10:05, September 25, 2003


Yeah, I decided to skip the beer for a couple of days actually, because when I saw a picture that Frank had taken of me when we were quite drunk, I realised I had to loose some of that beer belly ;)

Well, I'll try to get a new story up here today... if not, I have no idea when I can update the page, since I leave for the trek tomorrow morning, and will be gone for three days...

Posted by: Martin @ 10:12, September 25, 2003


Oh darn! Hopefully some nice person recorded it and releases it as mp3 so I can download it when I get back home again ;)

Are you moving to your apartment in the hood soon? ;)
When you have decorated it you will have to take some images of it so I can see what it looks like...

Posted by: Martin @ 10:17, September 25, 2003


Jaja, du slipper, jag skriver ju "dagboken" pa engelska just for att ytlanningar man traffar nar man reser ska kunna lasa ocksa, men kommentarerna ar ju inte lika noga direkt :)
Enda jobbiga ar att jag inte har nagra svenska tecken, sa det kan bli lite svarlast...

Merry V var val okej, men det var ju inte direkt lyxigt, om man sager sa... Men som du sager, man slipper ju ovasendet pa Khao San, jevla pack overallt... ;)

Det enda jag klarar av att ata till frukost ar bananpannkakor, inte ett dugg sugen pa thaikak da... idag blev det iofs en jakligt god hamburgare till frukost har i Chiang Mai, framat 12-tiden sadar =)

Oj, inte illa... Mjaja, jag hoppas ni far det riktigt kallt och javligt snart, sa man kan retas extra mycket.. :D

Vi blev rekommenderade av ett par engelska tjejer att bo pa Banana guest house har i chiang mai, och ga pa deras tur... sa det ska vi gora. Och det verkar vara ett bra rad, for killen som har Banana var hur trevlig som helst, sa det blir nog kanonbra tror jag. Han hade en massa rekommendationer fran folk nedskrivna i gastbocker, och alla var hur nojda som helst :)

Later iofs kul, men regnar det for mycket sa blir det nog ingen rafting alls ar jag radd, sa for min del skippar jag garna regnet... men med tanke pa hur det har sett ut haromkring pa sistone ar nog risken ratt stor, det askar och har sig lite da och da...

Klart FBK tippas bli forst, de ar ju bast... de har tyvarr lite svackor ibland nar de inte ar ordentligt motiverade, som tex. finalerna forra aret... men sa kommer det inte bli i ar! ;)

Kommer nog inte sa hogt upp tyvarr, for det har tydligen regnat ratt rejalt pa sistone, sa svart att ta sig fram pa vagar och sa... men om jag kommer dit sa ska jag halsa! :)

Ha det!

Posted by: Martin @ 10:30, September 25, 2003

Nyss hemkommen (och ordentligt jetlaggad) från USA har jag tagit mig in på din fina sida. Du verkar ju ha haft det bra hittills, ser fram emot rapporter från trekkingturen!

Själv har jag haft det strålande. Island ska jag helt klart tillbaka till och amerikanerna är ju alltid gästvänliga och trevliga. Tänkte lägga ut lite bilder så småningom på zetterlind.se.

Nu ska jag jobba vidare men ha det riktigt bra även fortsättningsvis!

Kram L

P.S Mamma tycker det verkar som om du dricker för mycket öl.

P.S.S Elli hälsar!

Posted by: Syrran @ 13:28, September 25, 2003

Hejsan systern min :)

Jetlag ja... jo... lite sant har man val kannt av, men inte sa farligt faktiskt. Fast nar man inte har nagra tider att passa sa spelar det ju inte sa stor roll om man ligger och sover fram till 12 heller iofs ;)

Sa bra! Gick allt som det skulle med brollopet eller?

Jobba? Hmm... nej det minns jag inte vad det ar for nagot, men det later inte bra...

Jag har faktiskt varit ol-fri i ett par dagar nu, tankte gora det tills vi kommer tillbaks fran trekkingen... far se om jag lyckas dock, det finns tydligen att kopa i byarna nu for tiden

*vinkar glatt till Elly*

Kram pa dig ocksa! Ha det sa bra, vi hors av :)

Posted by: Martin @ 16:30, September 25, 2003

Frölunda leder elitserien i ensamt majestät. FBK är lååångt efter (3 plusmål)!

Vad det gäller bristen på svenska bokstäver så vänjer man sig ganska snabbt vid att skriva a istället för å och ä samt o istället för ö (om man nu inte vill rädda ä och ö mha prickarna för det tyska y:et). Det är jobbigare att vänja sig av med det när man kommer hem igen. Så för säkerhets skull, här kommer några du kan använda:

Å Å Å Å Å å å å å å
Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä ä ä ä ä ä
Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö ö ö ö ö ö


Posted by: Baresi @ 11:15, September 27, 2003


Bla bla bla... ;)

Mja, jag har inga problem med det, men det blir ju lite svarlast ibland, vissa ord blir ju helt fel.
Ah, tack... vad snall du ar :)
Tror jag ar for lat for att orka bry mig om att klippa och klistra in dem dock...

I alla fall... kommit tillbaks fran trekkingen, och har nyss haft en lite lyxigare middag for 300 baht ungefar. Ar rejalt sliten och trott, sa ska sova snart - har hallt hogt tempo i nar vi traskat kan jag saga.
Ska ta mig lite tid och interneta imorgon tankte jag, far se hur det blir med den saken dock, det har en tendens att bli sa att man far nagot annat for sig istallet...

mjaja... sovdags nu, ha det sa bra

Posted by: Martin @ 18:29, September 28, 2003

Glöm inte att lägga upp stories på första sidan så det ser ut att sidan "lever" lite mer :)

Posted by: Fredrik Steen @ 10:41, September 30, 2003


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