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September 17, 2003 : Ready, set, go!

The time has arrived...

Finally, my last day in Sweden has arrived - tonight the adventure begins! I don't know what happened, my last weeks just passed by me when I was thinking of something else...
Although it's been a bit hectic, I don't really mind - at least I didn't have any butterflies in my stomach, or maybe I've just been to busy to notice them.

I did my last day(s) at Carambole about two weeks ago. It was sad to leave my job, I'll miss everyone that works there - great people. Hopefully they are still there when I come back to Sweden. :)

After a lot of research, I had decided where I wanted to go, so I went to the local Ticket office to get my... well... tickets. They cooperate with STA travel, and I prefer to do this kind of shopping personally instead of over a phone or the Internet. Unfortunatly, my plans didn't quite work out (or more correct, they became very expensive), so I had to change them a bit. The lady at the Ticket office was very helpful though, so we worked it out.

When the tickets were payed for, the whole thing suddenly became very real, it was a bit of a chock to realise that I would leave in less than two weeks.
This made me go through my equipment and go out and do some more shopping. I'm pretty sure my budget was messed up even before that, and it wont become any better... yeah yeah, whatever.

Through the backpacking.nu forum, I actually found a couple of guys that are going to do a trip around Asia that is similiar to mine. I'm going to team up with them i Bangkok, at D&D inn, as soon as I get there. Hopefully we can do the trip together.

I had a time booked for a phonecall with my doctor last week, about bringing some kind of malaria prophylaxis. Unfortunatly, they had forgotten to tell him about it, so I sat there waiting for the phone to ring, but it never did. I called them and rescheduled it, and two days later I had a prescription for Lariam, so now I can add that to the long list of crap my body has recieved lately... I'm feeling like a walking talking pharmacy, that's how much pills, bandages and stuff I'm bringing with me. I'll almost feel dissapointed if I won't need it...

I've been staying with a friend of mine in Gothenburg since Sunday. I was of course not ready to go at that time, so I had a lot to take care of before I left. It was a bit interesting to pack my rucksack. It became quite full. And very heavy. 25kg is not something I want to drag around, so I had to leave some stuff that I wanted to bring with me. I guess I'll have to live with that, I prefer to be without some stuff than to break my back under the weight. :)

Finally, I would like to add that this trip would not have been possible without the help of all my good friends and my family, so this site is dedicated to them. Lots and lots of thanks everyone!

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Damn! 25kg? That's good! Just think about how strong your back would become dragging around with that one for a year or so... :P

Posted by: Daniel Solin @ 13:19, September 18, 2003

Hehe, yeah, I guess you are right... but trust me, it's not fun carrying it around in this kind of humidity :)

Anyway, I have arrived in Bangkok today, safe and sound... Didn't have much luck in meeting the guy I was supposed to travel with, but hopefully that will change tomorrow. If not, well... then I guess I will have to go alone instead :)

I will write more tomorrow or so, now I need to find some food (which isn't hard, there is people selling food every 3 metres along the side of the road here) and get some sleep *tired*

Posted by: Martin Back @ 18:05, September 18, 2003

Ey man! U gotta post some pixxx, dammit! :D

Posted by: Daniel Solin @ 20:12, September 18, 2003

Well, then I guess I'll have to get the camera out of the backpack, I had other things on my mind yesterday :)

Probarbly going out of town for a couple of days, but after that I should have some pictures for you!

Posted by: Martin @ 4:21, September 19, 2003

How is it going? Feeling good? Forgot something? :)

Posted by: Fredrik Steen @ 15:42, September 19, 2003

Well, yesterday was bad... I lay all evening on a cushion on the beach, staring up at the crown of a palm tree and sipping a Singha beer and talking nonsense... man, that was hard! :P
Things could have been a lot worse, that's for sure... it would be nice with a bit more sunny weather for a day or two, but then again, it's hot enough anyway

Well, the only thing you can forget that really matters is passport, VISA card or plane tickets. and those I had. Anything else, you can buy it here cheaper... :)

Oh well... I'll post a story and some pictures soon, it's just not on top of my list of priorities right now... first i have to... well... do something else *shrugs* drink more beer perhaps ;)

Posted by: Martin @ 8:37, September 20, 2003

Well, after all the hard work (?) the last months you really deserve to just relax in the shadows of the palms with a beer in your and with someone that gives your back a massage.
About the beer you should also try Chang (easy to find) and Amarit (garder to find). And then you also have the luxury Singha Gold.

Yesterday it was totally chaos in STHLM city. The hole city was blocked, or avspärrat as we use to say, because of the memorial of Anna Lindh. And the highway between Arlanda and STHLM was covered with cops that blocked the drive on paths when some "imortant" foreigner was escorted to the town or back to the airport.

By the way, it's a bad time to travel around the world at the moment. Why? Lars Demian will visit GBG three times the next three months... ;)

Today your sister's going to be a tärna in Minneapolis. Best luck to her (and Elli) and congratulations to Jenny & Ryan.


Posted by: Baresi @ 9:01, September 20, 2003

Hiya Mart00k! :)

Why all this when you could have had the experience of your life with SWG ;)

Well I hope you have a great time down there in Bangkok/Thailand. It must feel good not to have anything to really worry about, just doing what feels right for the day :)


Posted by: ratdeath @ 12:43, September 21, 2003


Yeah, I have to agree to that... ;)

Haven't had any massage yet actually, but I plan to get one soon... on the beach, they come every 5 minutes and ask you if you want one, so that wont be hard to get

Well, Chang is quite good, but I definatly prefer a Singha... although it costs 100b for a litre, where Chang is only 80b. Haven't seen any Singha Golds or Amarit yet, but then again, I havent looked for it either.

Ah, doh... and you only went there for a meeting... must have felt good :)

Oh darn, am I going to miss that? How very very sad... *cough*

Yeah, hopefully things work out ok for them... I guess they will =)

Anyway, the Internet-connection is reeaaaally slow today, and I don't want to pay more than necessary, so I'm going out instead... thanks for the ride to the airport and all your help!

Posted by: Martin @ 15:16, September 21, 2003


Hey honey! :o)

Well... I have to admit that I find this a bit more interesting than SWG, but I might have to start with that when I get back to Sweden, to have something to do during the days... =)

Thank you, and yes... you are correct about that - it's quite lovely actually.
I just ate on a restaurant for the third time today... but then again, it only costs about 10kr for a meal :)

Anyway... Have a good time with your SWG, and we'll meet again some day :)

Posted by: Martin @ 15:39, September 21, 2003


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