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June 09, 2003 : Barbie

image from bbq
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Yesterday I was going to a bbq at my friends little sisters house. There were seven of us, eating and talking. No booze though, I felt I'd had enough for one weekend, and I guess the others felt the same way. The event was slightly delayed due to the fact that I was late. Nothing out of the ordinary with that, but the reason was actually not only my laziness this time. First of all, the event started (or at least was supposed to) an hour earlier than I was told from the beginning... considering the fact that I always do things as late as I possibly can, and they told about the change so late that I got no more than 30 minutes to fix things for the evening, I was obviously going to be late. Those of you that know me are well aware of the fact that 30 minutes is no were near enough time for me. Another problem was that it was sunny at the moment, so I wanted sunglasses, which means I had to put in my contacts. Did not work very well. I can tell you that it's not very fun sitting with a flashlight into your eye, staring into a mirror, trying to find the contact lense you are almost sure is up there somewhere, but you can't find it. Trust me, you don't want to try it.
Anyway, after a lot of trouble I got it out of my eye, put another lense in there the right way this time, collected my gear and headed for the bbq, after picking up a couple of friends and buying barbie material on my way over there.
It was a great evening, it's nice to sit outside chilling with some good friends of yours, eating good food and talking a lot. The girls started whining a bit when one guy poured lots of lighter fluid on the charcoal, to get the freshly added charcoal to burn. He never stopped pouring. Until it said "SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOSCH!" and we had a fire that was like 2 metres high or something. The gals did of course not like this, they never do for some strange reason...
Another thing that was quite fun was when one of the girls put one of her bare foot under one guys sweater. The guy beside him didn't see her do it though, and after a while he noticed something making a tent in a weird place on the first guys sweater, and made a joke about it looking like something else than his hands. When the first guy showed him that it wasn't his hands, the other guy was quite shocked, and it didn't help when the thing inside the sweater started moving... his eyes was wide as saucers! Then we laughed at him... nothing beats situations where people look really stupid.
Oh yeah, the sun disappeared pretty much on the way over there, so the need for shades was nonexistent. Great. All the trouble with my contacts for nothing.
After eating and talking for some hours, some drips of rain fell down on us, and we decided it was time to do something else. So four of us packed ourselves into my car and drove to my apartment where we watched a South Park episode and then the great movie The Prophecy (or as it is called in Europe, God's Army). It was kinda late after that, so the others went home and I stayed up talking on IRC for a while before going to bed... All in all, a great evening.

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