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June 08, 2003 : Lookin' like a bum

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[Post from b2]
Saturday was... interesting. Started out in a more or less normal way, with myself and two friends watching Anger Management, ate chinese food and drank some alcohol in different kind of beverages. When we were done eating the chinese food, we kept on watching the movie and drinking. And when the movie was over, we kept on drinking. When we were done with the drinking, we went into the city to meet up with our friends from the day before, because we needed more to drink. At the town square, someone had poured soap or something like that into the fountain, so there were lots of bubbles and foam in it. One of my friends ran up to it and started trying to throw foam at some young girls (like 18 or something) that were playing with it. They didn't like that very much, so he had to run away from there. One of the girls chased him, but she wasn't really that scary, considering she was a skinny 1.60 long girl. One of the others really did scare him though, since she was tall, and, well... not skinny. :)
He survived though, and after a while my friends showed up. We decided to head to the best place in town to find chics, but there was almost no people there, so we changed our mind and went to one of the bigger places around here, and it was crowded. The sunny weather makes all the morons crawl out from under their rocks, or wherever they usually hide, and go around annoying me. That's one of the reasons I don't like this kind of weather. While sitting at a table drinking some more beer, a friend of mine, that I had spoken to a little the day before as she had been to the same place as us then as well, walked by. I told her to sit down, so we chatted for a while, and she said she was bored of the place and wanted to do something not-quite-as-ordinary. So we left the place, together with the foam-thrower and headed back to the fountain and played around a little with the foam again (isn't it lovely how fun just about anything can be when you are drunk enough? =), before we went to the only place around that was open, and bought ourselves some potatoe chips and beer with low amount of alcohol (mellanöl in English, anyone?). Then we started walking. When we reached the sea we felt we had found a nice spot, so we sat down on a bench, looking out over the water, drinking beer, eating some chips and talking. We had a really nice time, and would probably had stayed there a lot longer, had it not been a little cold. We started walking again and headed home. We ended up just outside my building on another bench, waiting for a ride home for one of my friends. When she had left us, we decided to stay a bit longer and keep drinking beer and talking. It's rather amusing watching people look at you like you are some kind of weirdo... I don't see what's so strange about sitting on a bench drinking beer and eating chips at 4 in the morning... :) A lot of people started talking to us, or at least greeted us as we were sitting there, and many wanted some chips... It was fun, I guess mostly because it felt rather bizarre, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'll end up doing it again soon, since it was a lot more interesting way to end a day then just a walk home and then go to bed.
When we finally gave up and went home, I ended up talking to a friend in Stockholm for quite some time instead, which resulted in me going to bed at around 6 am. I was pretty tired when I woke up today...

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