Archive: May, 2003

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Some golfing, some mailing » more

Title: Yesterday...
Posted @ May 22, 21:42


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Some work, some play, no fun. » more

Title: Sunday, bloody sunday
Posted @ May 18, 23:45


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Just another boring day wasted... at least I've got my digicam to play with! » more

Title: Boys with toys
Posted @ May 17, 23:01


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Song of the day: Peoplehaters - I hate people.mp3. Why are there so many of them (us?)? » more

Title: Stuff...
Posted @ May 16, 0:34


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Why do people stare at me when I'm just out walking...? » more

Title: I'm singing in the rain...
Posted @ May 14, 0:54


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Why even bother when it all ends in a tragedy? » more

Title: Hockey and some X-men
Posted @ May 12, 0:01


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I'm amazed some people actually get their page to look good in all browsers... » more

Title: Oh darn...
Posted @ May 11, 12:10


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Moving my web to another server due to way to high security settings for my taste... » more

Title: Gallery problems
Posted @ May 10, 16:18


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Weeh! I've finally got a system to post my travelogue in... » more

Title: 1st post!