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May 18, 2003 : Sunday, bloody sunday

image from our cabin
[Post from b2]
Today I actually washed all the dishes, which was about time, since I didn't have anything to eat with and almost nothing to eat on either... are you as impressed as I am of my self-discipline? :)
After that I went to eat with my mother, father and my grandmother at the Kils Golfklubb restaurant. Since we were already there, me and my father stayed and practised some golf. Didn't do very well I must admit... I really have to practise now.
When we got tired of trying to get that damn ball anywhere remotely close to where we were aiming, we went to my parents cabin where I tested my new digicamera. I will post some images from the photosession when I feel like it...
Then I had to go back and work a little, a server had stopped responding... just the way I want to spend my Sunday afternoons I must say... *s*
After that I went to visit a couple of friends of mine, and spent the rest of the evening in their company, doing... well, nothing I guess.

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