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June 01, 2003 : Golf at Storängen, Öland

image from oland
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I'm back from the trip to Storängens golfklubb, which can be found on the northern part of Öland. Beautiful little place with a soft attitude. Lived in a little cabin, with the golfcourse about 100m away. And a bunch of sheep like 50m away. You can see pictures from the trip here. Most of them are from a visit to Skäftekärr (information in swedish only), a park with.. uh.. lots of trees and stuff. Actually over 100 different sorts. Also, well preserved settlements from the iron age, and they have built a replica of a small village from the time. It was a sunny day, and quite nice walking around in the park. Ran into a few animals on the way, but they were nice to us and didn't eat us. :)

Anyway... back to the golf. We had arrived during the Thursday afternoon and unpacked our stuff and then we went for a small sightseeing around the area. Spoke the to local pro and booked a lesson early the next morning (Friday). After that we played for a while on the short range course, and called it a night. Since I'd only slept about 2-3 hours the night before, I was a bit tired and went to bed quite early. The next morning I had the golf lesson, which was really helpful actually. Then we went for a little tour around the island, and ended up at the Skäftekärr park (see above). Then we returned to what was our home over the weekend and ate lunch at a restaurant nearby. Afterwards I had another golf lesson and practiced a bit on my own. On Saturday I was going to have the test at 13:00, so I went down and practised during the morning and then went home for a snack and a quick shower before I went back for the big test. There were six of us doing the test at the same time, two small kids that already had fixed some of the test, so they didn't have to do them all. Then there was me in the middle of the age-scale, and then two men and a woman from Stockholm that were 40+. One of the men actually did better than me (terrible experience, I definitely prefer being the best... ;) and got 2 points more than I did (24 vs. 22, 11 points was all you needed to pass), but I guess I'll have to live with it... at least I passed it. So... happy happy, joy joy. Then there was the theory part of the test. Theirs was special, so it was quite a few questions that had no answer in the theory book I had studied. Bummer. Then I realised that we could all do it together. No bummer. At 18:00, we finished the theory test and passed that as well. Finally finished... my mission was accomplished. Spent the evening playing some golf (surprise...) and when the day was over we went to bed for the last time in our cabin, which had all the luxuary you could ever need actually. Dish washer, microwave oven, washing machine etc. Very nice indeed. Terrible wallpapers though, someone without taste must have decorated the place. Oh well, whatever. The next day we considered playing some more golf, but realised we were quite fed up with it, so we deciced to head home instead. This time it took us about 10 minutes passing over the bridge, which is a lot better then the 45 minutes it took us when we went in the other direction. We drove to Jönköping and took a stroll at the IKEA store there. Damn, that was boring. We kept driving and arrived in Hjo for dinner at the local pizzeria, since all the ordinary restaurants had "tourist-prices". Whatever, at least I was hungry no more. That was the last stop on our trip, after that it was all just driving...

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