image of me a while ago

< me, with hair and glasses on, picture taken of another picture, that probarbly explains the colorful me :)


me, shaved and with contacts in my eyes >

image of me rather recently

Name:martin b.
Age:29 (1978-03-08)
Height:1.83m above the ground. Maybe less now when I've got no hair...
Place of birth:karlstad, sweden, scandinavia, europe, gaia
Siblings:a three year older sister
Current address:-
Marital status:single
Occupation:2001-present - routing engineer @ Carambole
1999-2001 - support engineer @ SRSA / RIB
Study: 1997-1998: Sundsta-Älvkullegymnasiet
1994-1997: Sundsta-Älvkullegymnasiet
1991-1994: Norrstrandsskolan
1985-1991: Skattkärrsskolan
I like:movies, music, nice people, beer etc.
I dislikedumb people
Countries I have visited:norway, denmark, estonia, england, germany, netherlands, belgium, france, switzerland, austria, italy, greece, cyprus
Favourite movies:jacobs ladder, pi, fight club, the usual suspects, the matrix, lord of the rings, as good as it gets, memento etc.
Favourite music:electronic/ebm (covenant, front 242, nitzer ebb etc.)
misc (dido, kent, norah jones, portishead etc.)
Favourite authors:isaac asimov, douglas adams, james clavell, eric van lustbader, neil gaiman, dean r koontz, stephen r donaldson, nick hornby
Favourite beverage:beer. preferably an ale.
Favourite beer:kilkenny, new castle brown ale, caffreys, boddington, murpheys, and when I've had a few of those to damage my taste buds a bit, guinness