It took about six months to make the decision, but after I had realised that I needed a change in my life, and even more - a change of myself - it was just a question of time. I knew I needed to do something, and the only idea I had was to let go of everything and travel around the world, to meet people and get a new perspective of things.

I started reading on the Internet about where to go, how to get there and what you need to bring with you, but at first it was more for fun than a serious idea. But it grew inside of me, and one day it went from being a fun idea to something I was going to do - no matter what.

Since I'm not exactly famous for being a go-ahead, people around me didn't really think I was serious. But when I sold my apartment and quit my job, they pretty much got it spelled to them - I was going to leave my safe little world with a job that paid well and a nice apartment, for the chaos of the real world.